KohTec AVV 711 Pro – Geometry Laser Alignment System

AVV-711 is compact laser alignment system. It offers the benefits of a dynamic precision laser shaft alignment on machinery with minimal waste of time and without stretching the budget. Proper alignment eliminates the leading cause of machine breakdown and pays for itself! And furthermore you can use such useful features as flatness/straightness/perpendicularity reconciliation, circles center finding and many other. All these combined with outstanding reliability makes AVV-711 the best choice in laser alignment.

KohTec 107VF – Vibration Data Collector

107VF – is a compact yet powerful, vibration analyzer designed to measure overall vibration parameters, FFT spectrum analysis of the rotating machinery, immediate evaluation against ISO 10816 standard, condition monitoring by route based measurements and data collection. Route files and data files exchange via email makes it ideal for data collection at remote sites. Simple in use, reasonably priced, with free firmware upgrades, data management and reporting software.

Pulley Pro KX 3550 – Laser Pulley Alignment System

Seiffert KX-3550 Pulley Pro Green Laser Pulley Alignment System is lightweight, compact and durable. The unit magnetically attaches to the inside or outside face of any pulley or sprocket and has no small parts or targets that can get lost.

METZIN – Pre-cut Stainless steel Shims

PRECUT SHIMS are made of stainless steel 304 full hard material protected against rust and deformation. All shims are marked with thickness and size to facilitate identification and re-use. Shims come in a metal storage carrying case with “Shim Corral” size dividers. Also available in individual packages. 13 available shim thicknesses allow all possible shim change combination with a maximum of 3 shims. Bur-free for higher accuracy in machinery alignment.

METZIN HD XV7 –Pipe Inspection Borescope